Dream of a big exhibition. I had a huge and rather silly drawing (of a clown) and was very ashamed. Two girls performed on roller skates. That wasn‘t good either.

Autocenter, Berlin, 2008

In the staging of this dream, a disco ball glittered over two ultimately charming roller-skaters, dancers with whom Breitenfellner had choreographed a series of movements. Above it all hung an elaborately realized oil-crayon drawing of a clown, grotesque and uncanny. Breitenfellner's installations of dreams about art are the paradoxical result of her fundamental distrustfulness regarding the production of art and exhibitions. The German "unheimlich" can refer both to a specific psychological phenomenon – a déjá-vue-ish feeling of recognizing a manifestation of one's unconscious in the "real" world – and to good old-fashioned creepiness. Breitenfellner unwittingly produced both reactions in her audience. Certain observers recognized her ironic self-effacement, others were puzzled and nervous. (Elizabeth Pusack)

Material: Drawing made of oil pastels (300 x 240 cm), two dancers on roller-skates, 50 cm mirror-ball, pink wall-paint. Performers: Léa Lescure, Sarah

Dimensions: 3,5 x 21 x 8,7 m

Installation views: Thomas Bruns