Dream: "Marcel is missing" (+ description of the cat's face). Postcard Rrose Selavy taped with Tesa on the window. 1 collage on coloured wall (cobalt blue). + contortionist with frog mask. + beginning of text "Terrorist films". ["We have to settle this by contract," but I'm not sure I have the right cables for the films.]

La Chambre #18, Aubervilliers, 2018

For my exhibition at La Chambre (a 1.3 m2 space curated by the artist collective Sleep Disorders) I translated one of my dreams about art into an installation. I transformed the tiny space with blue paint and a large collage printed as a wallpaper, then invited a contortionist to perform there for a few hours.

Material: blue wall paint, wooden platform, photo wallpaper of collage, anonymous image and dream text on postcard, contortionist.
Dimensions: 2,4 x 1,87 x 1,42 m

Contortionist: Mordjane Mira

Installation views: Gilles Berquet
Video: Mïrka Lugosi

Audio broadcast
conversation between Barbara Breitenfellner and art historian Julie Jones
recorded in Aubervilliers at 404 Studio on September, 23th, 2018