Dream: In a chaotic darkness with several occurrences and parallel worlds. A world of visuals (war photos + brutal events from the press + recollections, e.g. of sailors on dark stormy nights with breaking / bursting masts). A path in the dark which is illuminated by cauliflowers. We wash our hands in cauliflower. Someone makes sculptures (from it?).

Ochumelaya Vystavka / The Fine Hands Show - 14th Krasnoyarsk Biennale
Museum Ploshad Mira, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 2021
– collaboration with Vadim Luke and Yana Kovrigina (Krasnoyarsk)

For the last twenty years, I have been writing down my art-related dreams. My installations are translations of these nightly recordings into space. For the 14th Krasnoyarsk Biennale, I had chosen a dream notation around parallel worlds, sailing boats in the storm — elements that were finally found in the museum’s collection — and quite a common vegetable: the cauliflower.

Even if in a dream the sleeper is in a world of his own, there is something highly common to the hallucinatory experiences that occur during sleep. I collaborated with the Siberian artist Vadim Luke who translated my dream notation in situ into a condensed and distorted, absurd and ironic installation.

Material: polystyrene, spray-paint, felt pen, polyurethane foam, cables, plugs, cauliflower, computer keyboard, neon tubes, drawings, model ships & war photos (from the collection of Museum Ploshad Mira)
Dimensions: 3,15 m x 7,5 m x 7,5 m

Installation views: Aleksei Myslitsky & Dmitry Shtifonov